Urine Cytology


Step 1

Avoid collecting routine urine for cytology during evenings, weekends, and holidays, unless specifically so ordered by the physician. The cells degenerate quickly.

Step 2

Complete the form for patient name, specimen date, type, clinical history and diagnosis.

Step 3  

Indicate “void” on the form

Step 4

Write “Cytology” on the specimen label in case specimen form and label become separated

Step 5

Put the label on the side of the cup, not the lid, before the cup is delivered to the patient

Step 6

When a series is ordered, indicate the specimen number of that series (i.e. “1 of 3,” “2 of 3,” or “3 of 3”) on the specimen label and form

Step 7

If possible, only one urine of a series per day for cytology

Step 8

If possible, collect separate urine for microbiology and cytology if both are ordered. Add fixative to the specimen for cytology only, not microbiology, at a ratio of 1:1

Step 9

Cytology requires the greatest obtainable fluid volume from one void

Step 10

Never collect 24 hour urine for cytology

Step 11

After collections, be sure the lid is snapped on securely. Wipe off any specimen on the outside of the cup and place in a biohazard bag.

Step 12

The specimens will then be transported to CAP-LAB or call 517-372-5520 and CAP-lab can arrange for the specimen to be picked up.